How To Check In 5 Easy Steps If The Message Of Your Nonprofit Or Social Startup Resonates With Your Audience?

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The answer is simple: UX! (User Experience Testing). 

Large corporations use the services of large consulting companies which carry out tests in many countries with thousands of people, but research shows that “testing with 5 people lets you find almost as many usability problems as you’d find using many more test participants*.”

UX testing can help smaller organisations see if they are going in the right direction & if the message is touching people, without spending thousands of $$$ on research.

It doesn’t matter whether you test websites, presentations or content. With 5 users, you almost always get close to user testing’s maximum benefit-cost ratio.

The most striking truth is that zero users give zero insights.

At the beginning of the tests you set a goal that you want to achieve, e.g. ‘Can people see the ‘donation‘ button on the website well enough? Then you schedule a short zoom meeting with 5 of users and ask open questions about your website.

We are 100% convinced how surprised you will be when you see how many things to improve you have not seen. (because you’ve seen the website yourself many times and didn’t look at it from the perspective of a new user). 

In our agency, we are not going to start any promotion without testing and checking the content from a different perspective.

For us, UX is one of the most exciting tools of interaction with supporters.

UX experience has been the key to success more than once, so we highly recommend all nonprofits to ask their community for feedback. 

With love,

Joanna & Martynas

*Nielsen Norman Group