When You Should NOT Run Facebook Advertisement?

Facebook advertising

The success of Facebook advertisement consists of many interconnected things and not necessarily on the Facebook platform. If you compare the creation of ads to traveling on a bicycle, you must have all the parts of a bicycle to ride comfortably, both downhill and uphill. If one wheel is broken, you will not get far. 

Same with Facebook Ads. If you don’t have some of the things below in place, don’t create ads on Facebook. You will be highly likely to burn money, get discouraged on Facebook and lose the best opportunity to get valuable customers. Facebook brings many opportunities and profits but only if you know how to use it (and we do).

So, when you should NOT run Facebook Advertisement: 

1. You have not yet sold your product or service 

Usually, when people start a new business the process looks the same: they have an idea, they register the business and the first thing they do is create a website (or Facebook Fan Page). And then, the problem starts. Many people have ideas but actually, not many people know how to write the copy and they don’t even know if this is something people will buy or if people need it. So the most important thing before spending money on Ads is to check if people will buy the product. We call it “Proof of concept”. The customer should firstly acquire customers organically (via LinkedIn or cold-call). When people buy this way, it’s a sign that your product or service has a value that can be “transported” into a copy of Facebook Ads and the possibility that Facebook Ad will sell, will increase dramatically. 

2. You do not have at least 1.5 thousand euro for testing and min. 2,000 euros monthly budget for Ads

Facebook is a tool which should be treated seriously. This is a real thing. Facebook has 2,5 billion of users and the possibilities are incredible. This also means that there are many target groups to test, which you may not even know. The best thing about Facebook Ads is that it is an algorithm that will do it for you. But this will not happen for 200 euros a month. Professional agencies have a special calculator to estimate what budget will bring results. A budget of less than 2 000 euro is in the vast majority of cases loss-making.

3. You don’t have an adjusted website

Let’s say that you have created a great Facebook Ad which is generating traffic on your website. And what then? Facebook Ads should be only part of the overall strategy. If you want to build awareness of your brand, it will be the website’s role to capture emails of potential customers. If you want to sell a product, the website’s role will be to show more products and close sales. That’s why we start to call websites funnels, because each funnel has a specific role in the business. There are no random elements. 

4. You have no idea what to do next with emails of you potential customers 

Collecting networks (subscribers, followers, etc.) of your potential customers is the greatest asset you can have for your business. Why? Because having those emails will allow you to spend more time with your customers, send them more info and benefits of your product or service. Many companies do this but only for a while and after they stop. They shouldn’t, because emails are a great tool to keep in touch with the customer. And here email automation comes in handy. You can save a considerable amount of time and send a series of emails through automation.  

5. You don’t check statistics and analysis 

Most of you have already heard about the importance of using data analysis tools (Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.). I won’t write here about the advantages of these tools, but I will mention that I fully agree with this statement. If you know how to use them, you can easily and quickly optimize your campaigns, save a lot of money and improve results.

6. How to solve it? 

Drop us a message and tell us about your idea and let’s see if we match and we can help you. 

I wish you all serenity and health,